Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mr. Galapagos Shark

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Went swimming with this guy the other day. He was pretty hungry.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Did you know that geckos bark?

I'm not kidding. There are a million of them here. Right here. In this house.
They scurry across the walls in the middle of the night when they think we are all asleep. At least they aren't cockroaches.

This one green little guy looked right at me and made this high pitch squeaky noise.

So far, I've learned two things in Hawaii:

1. Geckos bark.
2. Pineapples grow out of the ground.

Why the hell don't they call them pinetomatoes or something else?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Craigs List Craziness

Ok, so I haven't posted anything since January, not because I don't have anything to say... I'm just really, really lazy.

Anyway, I"m in the process of moving back to San Francisco. I have been scouring Craigs List to find the perfect place. I want a studio for under 1100/month with hard wood floors and big windows. I don't care if people are selling crack on the corner, but I would rather live in a neighborhood where there is a smaller chance that I will get knifed for my sneakers. (Not that anyone would go to the trouble for a pair of size 3 1/2 pink Chuck Taylors).

Anyway, I found this posting, which gave me a chuckle...
I half-way considered it, because of the astronomical rent in the Bay Area.

Reply to: hous-155175541@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-04-27, 10:34AM PDT

Recently remodeled grave, circa 1800's - previous tenant relocated to Colma - remodeled just for you. Cozy and cute, with granite counter tops and period wood detailing. New "skylight" provides ample light and much needed ventilation. No pets, smoking, or section 8. Located on the UC Laurel Heights campus, convenient to mass transportation. Hurry, this won't last long at this price!

California st. at presidio ave. google map yahoo map

no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hi-Tech Baby Drop Box

Via Engadget.

Well, file this under truth is stranger than fiction: a Northern Italian town recently christened the "cradle of life" baby drop box in hopes of curbing the 400 or so annual incidents of new born babies being dumped in trash bins, open fields, public toilets...you get the idea. The first or several planned $7,500 cradles is installed in a woman's shelter for single mothers and works as follows: when someone opens the metal flap of the box, an alarm sounds notifying social workers inside. The baby's weight triggers a sensor causing the box to warm-up and then sends a second, time-delayed signal to social workers while simultaneously sending a call to nearby ambulance services. It's no coincidence that the first of these is installed in the town of Padua where for nearly 500 years a lazy Susan-like device would spin unwanted children into the orphanage. Ahh, progress.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Fuck Sony

Fuck Sony right in the ass.

I've been following this whole root-kit debacle, and every time I hear more about it I feel like breaking something.

If you are reading this, and have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm going to try to explain in Layman-ese...

Ok, here goes:
Sony corporation is basically an evil conglomerate of comic book quality villains hell bent on squeezing every last penny out of its customers-- even if it compromises their customers' privacy, safety or property.

(On a side note, if you know what I'm talking about and are unfortunate enough to have this fucking malware on your PC or Mac, I can help you remove it without nuking your operating system. Shoot me an email: abbiapple@gmail.com)

What is a root-kit and why is it bad?

A root-kit is malware which can cloak system and registry files and even viruses from security software, like Norton and MacAfee. A root-kit usually shows up on a PC via Trojan Horse program (like Sub7). In the case of Sony, when you pop in a CD to rip, a window pops up. This window is something which most computer users are familiar with. It is an End User License agreement. It explains in detail that it will be installing software on your PC to prevent you from making more than three copies, or even listening to your new CD with iTunes. It claims that it will not send information back to Sony, but it has recently been discovered to do just that.
Most people, when they see these little warnings and EULAs, just click accept and don't even think about it. I know I'm guilty of that.

So, if you're not a music pirate you shouldn't be worried, right? Wrong.

This root-kit opens a big, fat, fucking hole for really, really bad things to come right in. All it takes is a malicious 13 year old with a few hours of free time on his hands, and you have a brand new virus undetectable by your security software.

Why is it undetectable? If you give any filename the prefix $SYS$, the file becomes invisible. You can't see it in your directory, and your security software can't see it.

If you have this root-kit on your PC, don't panic, there is a fix. Oh, by the way, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE "ROOT-KIT REMOVAL" TOOL FROM SONY. It doesn't remove the root-kit at all, the only thing this tool does is make the hidden files visible. If you try to uninstall this software, you might just nuke your operating system.

If you have ripped any Sony CD's lately, you might want to get a Root Kit Revealer. (Find RKR here).

If you use this utility and find a root-kit, email me, or your favorite geek and we will make sure you fix the problem without making your PC explode.



(For more informative, less inflamatory information on this matter, look here.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Elmo Gets Some Lov'n

Watch the video here

Monday, December 05, 2005

Homophobic Hotdog Eater?

Relax, there's a new hotdog you can eat without compromising your manhood.